School Information

Situated in Farnborough, Grange Community Junior school (originally called Grange County Junior School) was built in 1966.  After a fire the school was rebuilt in 1991 in a post modern style. The school is of unique design, and when viewed from above, it resembles an aeroplane propeller, as a nod to Farnborough’s aviation history.

Our motto, ‘where everyone counts’, expresses our commitment to ensuring that everyone in our school community is cared for and valued as a unique person.

Our vision is to create a school community in which everyone can participate, excel and be proud of their achievements

We provide high quality teaching which breaks down barriers to learning and will inspire and motivate children to engage in their learning and be prepared for the ever-changing world ahead of them.

The ethos of the school is one of mutual respect and inclusivity.  We look forward to working in partnership with parents and carers, and will ensure that they feel part of our school community and are involved in their children’s education.

Our values have been chosen to develop pupils both educationally and morally.

The seven school values underpin the learning and social behaviours that we expect all members of our school community to demonstrate. The values written in bold are the school’s gold threads which permeate all aspects of school life.

Participate – build your best  Excel – try your best  Proud – be your best Resilience Respect Integrity Collaborate
Build your best by engaging in your learning You can successfully be your best when you try your best Recognise your own success so that  you can enjoy being  your best Keep on trying to achieve your best no matter what Be the best by being kind and caring to others, your school and yourself Do your best even when no one is watching you Work together to achieve your best

Alongside our school values we follow the values for our country.

These are called the British values.

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect and tolerance


School Information