Promoting British values

At Grange Junior school we work together as a community and we share a set of values by which we all live. These values are promoted through the following ways:

We embrace equality and excellence for all

  • Through our school mission statement
  • Through our school policies and practices
  • Through our commitment to raise standards for all pupils
  • Through our work with a variety of community groups


  • We have an elected school council
  • We embrace the opportunity of local/national elections to be a discussion point
  • We use assemblies and PHSCE lesson to promote democracy
  • Pupils embark upon making their own contribution to the school through a variety of roles such as librarian, lunchtime monitors, sports leaders


  • We have high expectations of pupil behaviour.  Pupils are taught right from wrong.
  • We hold an annual ‘court’ session where pupils take on various roles to learn about the British justice system
  • The local police and PCSO’s carry out frequent presentations/workshops with the pupils


  • We teach pupils about personal responsibility, choices and aspiration through daily values as well as PHSCE lessons and themed weeks such as ‘Aspiration Week’
  • We teach pupils how to be safe through assemblies, PHSCE, and e -safety lessons, alongside workshops from organisations such as NSPCC, Aik Saath
  • We offer a variety of extra curricular activities for pupils to enjoy
  • We remove barriers to learning by providing a multilingual website, support for pupils with homework and use of pupil premium grant to enhance learning experiences

Mutual respect

  • Our pupil profile is representative of the local community, which brings together a variety of backgrounds.  Pupils are taught through our values, BLP, assemblies, RE, PHSCE lessons etc to be respectful and supportive of one another and to cooperate and collaborate
  • We mark a variety of significant religious festivals, particularly those relating to Christianity and Buddhism using our multi-faith staff and governors
  • We take part in a variety of fundraising activities to support other people both locally and nationally such as a local foodbank and national charity

Tolerance of different faith and beliefs

  • We teach about other faiths and beliefs through our Religious Education lessons
  • We teach about other places and people through geography topics such as our topic about Nepal
  • We teach about other faiths and beliefs through assemblies

Equality Objectives