Governing Body

Governors - Fulham Primary School, Halford Road, London

Chair of Governors – Mrs Teresa Willcocks

Vice Chair of Governors – Mr Les Taylor

Meet the Governors


Governors’ Details

Constitution (the number of each type of governor the school should have)

Governor type Number of governors
Co-opted 7
Head Teacher 1
Local Authority 1
Parent 2
Staff 1
Total 12

Grange Community Junior School Governors’ Details 2023-24

Grange Community Junior School Register of Governors’ Interests 2023-24

Governor Attendance Record for the Academic Year 2022-23

Governors’ Report to Parents 2022-2023

Governors’ Report to Parents 2021-2022

Governors’ Report to Parents 2020-2021

Governors Information 2021-22

Governor Information 2020-21

Governor Information 2019-20

Governors information 2018-19


Instrument of Government

Hampshire Governor Services Link 

If you would like to view any minutes from the governor meetings they are available from the school office on request.