Pupil Premium

Netherseal St Peter's CE Primary School - Pupil Premium Funding


The aim of the Government’s Pupil Premium is to raise attainment among disadvantaged children. It provides additional funding for disadvantaged pupils to ensure they benefit from the same educational opportunities as pupils from wealthier families.

Our aim is that teaching and learning opportunities are inclusive and meet the needs of all pupils. We support the progress of all groups who are vulnerable to underachievement. Pupils in receipt of the premium represent one of these groups.

We recognise that not every pupil who is socially disadvantaged is making less than expected progress in school. As such pupil premium funding will be allocated following the analysis of which pupils will benefit the most from its support.

As research suggests, that in-class experiences are a vital part of ensuring good progress for all pupils. Our use of the pupil premium grant is therefore used in two main ways; first directed at maintaining a core of staff who will lead on the issues of inclusive teaching and providing high quality feedback to students and second deploying teaching staff and support staff to provide on-going support through intervention programmes.

Our work is aimed at ensuring that progress is at least in line with national figures and that attainment gaps between groups of pupils are reduced.

While all subject areas will benefit from the work we do using the PPG, there remains a focus on English and Mathematics as these are vital for progression into secondary school. With a focus on literacy and numeracy our work can sometime take the form of overcoming behavioural, emotional and social barriers which prevent learning, for example, in the form of counselling.

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