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Breakfast club at Grange Junior School located  in the annex  from 7.30am – 8.30am – £2 per session 

After school club at Grange Junior School 3.15-6.15pm – £4 per hour 

Grange Juniors After School Club Info

Please note that  for enquires for both breakfast club and after school club please contact the school office.  

Half Term Activities

66 Coaching Breakfast Club Apr-Jul 2023

66 Coaching Breakfast Club Jan-Mar 2023


Dance Club Open to ALL(£3.00 per session) 3:20-4:20pm

Dance Club Apr-Jul 2023

Dance Club Jan-Mar 2023

Football Club Y3 (£3.00 per session) 3:20-4:20pm

YR3 Football Club  Apr-Jul 2023

YR3 Football Club Jan-Mar 2023


Football Club Y4 (£3.00 per session) 3:20-4:20pm

YR4 Football Club Apr-Jul 2023

YR4 Football Club Jan-Mar 2023

Fun, Fit + Yoga Club Open to ALL (£3.00 per session) 3:20-4:20pm

Fun Fit + Yoga  Club Apr-Jul 2023

Fun, Fit + Yoga Club Jan-Mar 2023


Choir Club Open to ALL 3:20-4:20pm

Choir Club Apr-Jul 2023

Choir Club Jan-Mar 2023

Football Club YR5+6  (£3.00 per session) 3:20 – 4:20pm

YR5+6 Football Apr-Jul 2023

YR5+6 Football Club Jan-Mar 2023

Wellbeing Club YR5 (£3.00 per session) 3:20-4:20pm

YR5+6 Wellbeing Club Apr-Jul 2023

YR5+6 Wellbeing Club Jan-Mar 2023


Netball Club Y5+6 (£3.00 per session) 3:20-4:20pm

YR5+6 Netball Club Apr-Jul 2023

YR5+6 Netball Club Jan-Mar 2023