Breakfast club Grange Infant School 8.00am (pupils are escorted from GIS to school at 8.30am) daily fee

After school club Grange Infant School 3.15-6.00pm (pupils meet in school library and are escorted to GIS) Daily fee

Please note that both breakfast club and after school club must be booked 24 hours in advance.  

Half Term Activities

66 Coaching May Holiday Camp

66 Coaching Breakfast Club Jan-Feb 2020


Board Games Club-Open to ALL Years 3:20-4:20pm

Board Games Club Jan-Mar 2020

Choir Club – Open to ALL Years 3:20-4:20pm

Choir Club Feb-Mar 2020

Dance Club – Open to ALL Years 3:15-4:20pm

Dance Club Jan-Mar 2020

Football Club Y3&4 (£3.00 per session) 3:20-4:20pm

Football YR3+4 Jan-Mar 2020

Science Club Open to YR6 (£5 in total) 3:20-4:20pm

Science Club Jan-Mar 2020


Art Club Open to ALL Years 3:20-4:20pm

Art Club Jan-Mar 2020

Fun, Fit + Yoga Club  Open to ALL Years 3:20-4:20pm

Fun, Fit + Yoga Jan-Mar 2020

Basketball Open to ALL Years 3:15-4:20pm

Basketball Club Jan-Mar 2020

Shine Jesus Shine Club Open to ALL Years 3:15-4:20pm

Shine Jesus Shine Jan-Mar 2020

Tabletop Games Club Open to YR6 3:20-4:20pm

Tabletop Games Jan-Mar 2020


Cheerleading Club ALL Years 3:20-4:20pm

Cheerleading Club Jan-Apr 2020

Football Club YR5+YR6  (£3.00 per session) 3:20 – 4:20pm

Football YR5+6 Jan-Apr 2020

Recorder Club YR5+6 Nov-Dec 2019 (£1 per session) 12:20-12:50pm

Recorder Club Nov-Dec 2019


ATHLETICS-open to ALL 3:20-4:20pm

Athletics Club Jan-Apr 2020

Choir Club ALL Years 3:15-4:20pm

Choir Jan-Mar 2020

Dodgeball Club ALL Years 3:15-4:20pm

Dodgeball Jan-Apr 2020