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If you have photos of educational but fun activities you have been doing at home, email them to us at adminoffice@grange.hants.sch.uk and we will try our best to add them to this page.

The key worker children made a den outside. Have you made one yet?

We have also been using our artistic skills to sketch and paint pictures of plants from the tropical rainforests.

Have you done any artwork yet?

In English, we have written acrostic poems linked to the tropical rainforests.

Can you choose your favourite word and do an acrostic poem about it?

In Computing, we have used a Crumble kit to create a scene using sparkles (lights) and servos (motors).

Can you use an unwanted cereal box at home to create your own scene?

In Art, we have been creating our own aquariums, thanks to Mrs Jeffery.

Could you try and make your own at home?


We completed some research on one animal that lives in the rainforest and created a fact file, which included a quiz and a word search!

Could you research your favourite animal and record facts about it?

This week we have been using pastels to draw the beach.

Even the teachers had a go!

Our finished products

Can you draw a curve using only straight lines?


We tried it out with chalk first before using paper and a rulers.


We have been writing rhyming poems about the outside.

We completed a scavenger hunt outside using our 5 senses. – You could do one of these at home, finding different things around the house.


We are all enjoying taking part in the Joe Wicks morning exercises!

Using the Lego we created stop motion animation films – you could do something similar by creating a flip book.

Unfortunately our finished products are too big to put on the website!




We are making sure we complete the Education City and Timestables Rocks stars work as well.

But break time is a little different!


Today we have been playing the sentence game.  This is something you could do at home



We have also had fun playing football golf …

and having a fish race!

Why not try having your own fish race at home using the template below.



13.04.2020-17.04.2020- Circus

This week we had a circus theme. Here are some of the activities we did!


We have used milk bottles to create mosaic elephants.