School Dinners cost £2.40, from September 2019, that’s £12 for a complete week. Please pay in advance; you can do this via Scopay any time, day or night. Alternatively, give your child ‘Dinner Money’  that they can hand to their teacher.

Dinner Menu from 07.09.2020

Dinner Menu 15.06.20-21.07.20

Dinner Menu Nov 2019-Mar 2020

Dinner Menu Photos Nov 2019-Apr 2020

Streets Menu Nov 2019-Apr 2020

Streets Menu Photos Nov 2019-Apr 2020

Picnic Menu April-October 2019

School Meal Price Increase 2019

Why not come along to the FREE breakfast club which run from 8.30am in the school hall.

Free Breakfast Club

Packed Lunches

We have a nut free kitchen at Grange Junior School and we ask all parents to only provide nut free lunch boxes and snacks. . The school requests that parents do not include fizzy/sugary drinks or any food that contains nuts.  We also recommend that parents do not include sweets, chocolate, crisps or cakes high in salt, fat or sugar.

Packed Lunch Ideas

Break time snacks

Snacks are available for pupils to purchase at break times

Bread                         25p

Juice cuplets              25p

Yazoo milk                 50p

Piece of Fruit             30p

Raisins                      25p