Children’s welcome

Hello there,

We are glad that you are here.  We hope that you are going to have an enjoyable time learning at Grange Juniors.

You will learn lots of new things and make lots of new friends.  There is plenty for you to do after school ends too, and we hope that you will find something that you enjoy doing.

During you time at Grange Juniors you will learn more about our local area of Farnborough – did you know that it first appears in the Doomsday book in 1086! You will also go on a number of school trips . When you see or do something, it’s first-hand so you kind of live it.

At Grange juniors,  you learn about things that will keep you safe, in and out of school, including with Online Safety. We learn that we have responsibilities and this helps us improve our own lives and that of others. We work as a team and often organise fun events, like our Pancake race and the Summer Fair.

At break and lunchtimes,  we have a range of activities to choose from so it isn’t boring.  Choosing different activities shows that the staff trust us and we are responsible. We have playmakers who will help you to organise games and be involved.  You might choose to go to the library at lunchtimes and read a good book.   Our School Agreement makes sure everyone knows what is expected.

If people fall out with friends, adults deal with this brilliantly and try to make it more positive.. The staff listen to all viewpoints and each side of the story so we can resolve the problem and sometimes, this means we might involve parents.

At Grange , there is a “try your best” culture in the school and an ethos that we “learn from our mistakes”. We are encouraged to be independent, and to learn to make decisions on our own, but to know that we can ask for help from a friend or adult. Independent learners are organised, can select their own resources and manage their time so they get the task done! If you come to our school, you will be inspired to become curious, as we are encouraged to find out information and knowledge. 

Grange  learners are resilient (or we try to be!). This means if we get stuck we don’t give up. We won’t always have our mum or dad to help us so we have to learn to do it ourselves. Our teachers, and LSAs, help us by giving us challenges.

At Grange Junior School we value pupil participation.  Across the school all children are encouraged to make a positive contribution.  This might be through taking on one of the many school responsibilities.  We believe that by giving children the opportunity to apply for and take on roles of responsibility, we are helping to prepare them for the world of work.  In addition, by actively promoting pupil participation, we are helping the children to engage more in their learning and in school life.