Whole School Gallery


Harvest festival 

We celebrated ‘Harvest Festival’ and donated lots of food to the Church of the Good Shepherd food bank

Year 5 visited the FAST Museum 


Societies began 

Year 3 visited the local area for Geography 







We enjoyed an outdoor Christmas sing along and celebrated Christingle.



Lots of us got Covid!


Year 4 went on a trip to Southampton.


We had a valentine raffle.

We watched a film during cinema night. 


We had out Annual pancake race… Red team won 

We celebrated World Book day with the author Ali Sparkes 


Iron Age Matt visited year 3

Year 5 worked with the police and the fire brigade


We raised £522 for red nose day


We had an Easter raffle

and enjoyed fun bead treats


Year 3 went to Wisley to learn about plants

Rock Steady Student performed a rock concert for the whole school 

We Celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee



We received a reply 


We had a street party and a Summer fair 

The choir sang a special song for the Queen 

It was Very Hot!

So we tried to keep cool

We held a book fair and took part in sports day. 


Year 5 went to the river


We met the children in year 2

We all learnt some new circus skills 

Year 6 attended Think Safe 

The staff had a trip dounutting to finish off the year.