Year 3

During the academic year 2019-20 Year 3 is led by Mrs Wiffen (Heron class) and Mrs King and Mrs Best (Hawk class).

Teaching assistants are Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Bray.


Monday 23.3.2020

Hi to everyone in Year 3. We hope you are all well and staying safe at home. Enjoy this time learning new skills and spending time with your family. We are thinking of you and missing all of your smiley faces.  I am tidying up Heron class at the moment and looking at your amazing art work. Look after everyone in your house and remember to be ‘good’ and ‘kind’.

See you all soon. From Mrs Wiffen, Mrs King and Mrs Best


Monday 30.3.2020

Hello to Year 3. I am in school this week with Mrs Williams, Miss Nelson and Mrs Kingshott. We are teaching those children whose parents are key workers. We have to thank all adults for looking after us at home and those who are having to work. We did exercise with Joe Wicks this morning. Wow! He makes you work hard. We have lots of fun activities planned that you can do too. We will be putting photos in the ‘ Home Learning Gallery’ folder for you to see and perhaps have a go yourself.

I hope you are all being good and helping out at home. I bet you are learning lots of new life skills – cooking, gardening, cleaning perhaps?

We are looking at Education City and TTRockstars to see who is completing the work set and how well our times tables are improving. Come on Heron and girls, we need to push ourselves a bit more to close the gap in the battles! I hope you are enjoying the mini projects – I cannot wait to see your books to see what you have done. Remember to listen to David Walliams too. We all love his books, so to be able to listen to him read them is really exciting.

We’ve put more website links for you on the ‘Home Learning’ page.


Keep yourselves safe by staying at home. Missing you all. From Mrs Wiffen

Wednesday 1.4.2020

We hope you are all well and staying safe at home. Have you had a look at the ‘Home learning gallery’ to see what we have been doing at school? Have you tried any of these activities yet? We had fun investigating in maths on Tuesday and enjoyed writing our own outdoor poems. Today, Mrs Williams is teaching us how to make a motion video using lego. We have used ‘key workers’ as our characters. We hope to be able to put our final movies on the school notice board in the playground for you to view later. We are still doing the ‘Joe Wicks’ workout and have introduced a daily ‘riddles and tongue twister’ session – this gets our brains thinking and makes us laugh a lot. Keep working on Education City and completing your times tables. We have put more literacy website links on the Home learning page too.

Look after yourselves. From Mrs Wiffen

Thursday 2.4.2020

We are pleased to hear from some of your parents and that you are working hard on the home learning work set. Keep going everyone. I’m really pleased to see the Timestable Rock Star scores increase so much, especially Heron boys. Well done! We have been catching up on some Education city and TT Rock stars in school today as we were so busy making movies yesterday that we ran out of time. In addition to exercising with Joe Wicks, we have been on the daily mile course and had some fun ‘aeroball’ games during our break time! We improved our map reading skills during our geography session and selected a place in Britain to study and completed a fact file. I chose Exmouth as it is on the coast with sandy beaches. I wonder where you would pick and why? Why not do have a go too. Hope you are staying safe and helping out at home whenever you can. Let me know if you’ve been cooking, especially if you have been baking cakes!

Hope to hear from you via the comments section on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Perhaps I may get to speak to you soon by telephone.

Stay safe and hopefully speak soon. From Mrs Wiffen

Friday 3.3.2020

Hi everyone. It was lovely to speak with as many of you in Heron today – I’m so proud of what you are doing and how you are coping with this strange situation we are in. We can all work together, even from a distance and the most important thing is staying safe and happy at home. Mrs Best and Mrs King will be phoning Hawk class next week so you can tell them all the fun things you have been doing. Our funniest moment today was our fish race that Mrs Williams organised. It was hilarious – you must try it at home and see who wins (you can draw a fish or download one from the website).

Thank you Grace for contacting us via the ‘Contact us’ page – I really enjoyed reading your comments. I also look forward to seeing what you have all done – remember you can send work in or photos to the ‘admin’ email and we can post them onto the website. I cannot wait to see the Iron Age ‘lego’ roundhouse that has been made!

It is weird as we would be breaking up from school today. Even though I will keep posting on the website, I am not in school teaching next week but Mrs Best and Mrs King will be here. They are going to put more work on Education City for you and I have got lots of other work ready based on the topics we have studied.

Keep on commenting. Happy Easter and enjoy the time at home with your family. Miss you all. Mrs Wiffen