Year 3 Homework

Homework Expectations 2020-21


16.10.20 Week 5 Autumn 1 Year 3

16.10.20 Harder Week 5 Autumn 1 Year 3

16.10.20 Mrs Jeffries group Week 5 Autumn 1 Year 3

2.10.20 Normal Spellings week 3 Autumn 1

2.10.20 Harder Spellings week 3 Autumn 1

25.9.20 WK2 Autumn 1 Year 3 HWK

25.9.20 – Handwriting



We expect you to practise and learn each of your spelling words daily and write them out THREE times over the course of the week. Each Friday we will test you to see if you have learnt the spellings. One week you will have a fun activity which will help you to recognise the words and have fun learning your spellings. The following week, you will have to write out the words three times and use these words in your own interesting sentences; this will help with your understanding of what the words mean.

Reading Challenge

To be confirmed.

Reading Record Book

You will be given a reading book from our library. Due to the Covid19 situation, we have to keep the books in isolation for 72 hours when they are returned.  Normally we change the book daily, however we are unable to do this at the moment. We will try our very best to allow you to change your book twice a week. Please bring your books in on Mondays and Wednesday so we can change them. It has been recommended that you read the same book more than once as this improves your reading fluency and expression. So each day, your reading will improve and you will sound more like a story-teller.

You must record at least THREE reads per week on your Reading Record Bookmark (ticked) and get it signed by an adult.

THIS IS IMPORTANT...If you forget to get an adult to sign your bookmark, you will not be able to get a raffle ticket for a reading prize or your Golden time on Friday afternoons.



For now, we are practising our times tables on TTRockstars. Please let us know if you are unable to use a laptop, smart phone, tablet or Ipad to play the games. We will provide you with hard copies (worksheets) if needed. Remember our battles – Hawk V Heron and girls v boys!!! Enjoy and let the games begin!


ALL HOMEWORK and TEACHER COMMENTS will be recorded on Google Classroom.