Year 3 Learning From Home

Home Learning Update – 20/4/2020

Good Morning!

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and are ready to get back to work! Your should have now received a login for Google Classroom via Parent Mail or it is in the post! If you have received your log in you can now log on and complete the work that has been set for you!

To access Google Classroom follow the link below. 

If you need help with setting up or using Google Classroom please use the help sheet below.

Google Classroom Help Sheets

For this first week new learning has been added to the website and Google Classroom for the children to work on this week. For all other weeks work will be on Google Classroom only.

It is our expectation that the children will complete a section of Maths and Literacy each day and will then work on some of the theme activities. In addition Mrs Hyland has added weekly challenges for you to have a go at. We will post answers for the Maths and Literacy challenges on Friday so you can see how you have done. If you are using Google Classroom then you can message us if you are getting confused with anything and we will reply as soon as we can.

The Maths and Literacy challenges are set at 3 levels. Please check your report to see which ones you should be working on. If you were working below expectations try the developing challenges, if you were at expected standard do the expected challenges and if you are working at greater depth try the Greater Depth challenges.

This week we have set the following work on google classrooms:

Literacy: (complete one out of the three)

Year 3 English 20.4.2020 (Developing) Year 3 English 20.4.2020 (Expected) Year 3 English 20.4.2020 (Greater Depth)

Maths: (complete one out of the three)

Year 3 maths 20.4.02 (Developing) Year 3 maths 20.4.02 (Expected) Year 3 maths 20.4.02 (Greater depth)

Topic: (complete as many as you can!)

Time Capsule – 20.4.2020


Remember to carry out your times table games on ‘Times table rock stars’ and complete as many activities on Education City as possible. (Refer to the Home learning page for access details. You have been given your log on passwords to use.)

Geography Projects

In Geography we are studying biomes. Examples of biomes are deserts, rainforests, tundra, deciduous forests and savannahs. Choose one of these projects to complete:-

Design and make a biome

Choose a biome and make it using things around the house, for example a box. Try to add trees and plants that match the biome and add some animals you would expect to find there.


Research into a biome

Create a poster about a biome. Try to find out about the climate as well as the types of plants that grow there and the animals that live there.

Why do those animals live in that biome?

Think about an animal. What special features does it have to live in that biome? Draw a picture of your animal and label the special features.

Design a house for a biome

Think about one type of biome. Design a house that would be suitable for living in that biome. Label the special features the house has to cope with the climate and animals in that biome.


In ICT we have been learning about internet research. Chose one of these projects to complete:-


Go online and find out how to bookmark an internet page. Write a set of instructions so someone can do this.


Write a description of what copyright is and how we can make sure we do not break copyright.

Internet Research

Choosing a subject of your choice. Design a poster with information about your topic. Use the internet to research more about your chosen subject.


In DT we are making our own mini greenhouse.

We have found out that greenhouses need a structure to support them, transparent plastic or glass to let light through and to heat the greenhouse and ventilation so that the plants do not get too hot.

Design a mini greenhouse

Draw a design for your mini greenhouse labelling what materials you would need to use and how you would join them together.   Label any special features of your mini greenhouse.

Build a mini greenhouse

Using items from around the house. Build a mini greenhouse. Take a photo of your greenhouse to bring into school.

What was good about your design?

What would you improve if you made it again?

Research into greenhouses

Using magazines, internet and/or sales brochure, produce a collage of different types and styles of greenhouses.


Research into a famous greenhouse e.g. the Eden Project Domes or Kew Garden Palm House.


We are studying the Iron Age. Choose one of the projects below to complete.

Design a roundhouse

Draw a picture or make a model of a roundhouse.   What sort of things do you think would be inside it in the Iron Age?

Write a diary entry

Write a diary as though you were a chief of village.   What sort of activities do you think you would do? How do you feel about these activities?

Internet Research

Produce an information page about one of the following in the Iron Age:-






You can watch this short ‘You Tube’ film about Easter.
Easter_crossword year 3 (easier)
Easter_crossword Year 3 (harder)
Easter Bonnet Mrs EC


We are learning about rhyming poems. Try one of these.

Write your own rhyming poem about a subject of your choice

Examples could be:-

·        pets,

·        favourite toy,

·        food,

·        sport.


Go round the house and find items that make noises.   Create an onomatopoeia picture drawing the object and write down the sound it makes.

Favourite Poem

Using books or the internet, find a poem you really like.

Learn the poem off by heart to share at school.


Learning times tables is very important. Please practise these – your child will come home with a log on for Rock Star timetables.

Here are some other activities to do with other areas of maths:-


Go round your house and find containers that show how much liquid they contain. Put them in order from largest capacity to smallest. Take a photo or draw a picture to show your work.


Look at the coins that you have at home. Try to find different ways of making £1 – £5.


Find right angles around your house and note them down.

Reading for Pleasure

Use your time to enjoy reading lots of books! Perhaps you could produce your own reading journal to show your friends what you have read and what you liked about the books read.