Year 6 Learning From Home

Home Learning Update – 20/4/2020

Good Morning!

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and are ready to get back to work! Your should have now received a login for Google Classroom via Parent Mail or it is in the post! If you have received your log in you can now log on and complete the work that has been set for you!

To access Google Classroom follow the link below. 

If you need help with setting up or using Google Classroom please use the help sheet below.

Google Classroom Help Sheets

For this first week new learning has been added to the website and Google Classroom for the children to work on this week. For all other weeks work will be on Google Classroom only.

It is our expectation that the children will complete a section of Maths and Literacy each day and will then work on some of the theme activities. In addition Mrs Hyland has added weekly challenges for you to have a go at. We will post answers for the Maths and Literacy challenges on Friday so you can see how you have done. If you are using Google Classroom then you can message us if you are getting confused with anything and we will reply as soon as we can.

The Maths and Literacy challenges are set at 3 levels. Please check your report to see which ones you should be working on. If you were working below expectations try the developing challenges, if you were at expected standard do the expected challenges and if you are working at greater depth try the Greater Depth challenges.

If you have collected a home learning pack from school please only complete the pages set for this week. We will be setting the rest in upcoming weeks!

This week we have set the following work on google classrooms:

Literacy: (complete one out of the three)

Year 6 English 20.4.2020 (Developing) Year 6 English 20.4.2020 (Expected) Year 6 English 20.4.2020 (Greater depth)

Maths: (complete one out of the three)

Year 6 maths activities 20.3.2020 (Developing) Year 6 maths activities 20.3.2020 (Expected) Year 6 maths activities 20.3.2020 (Greater depth)

Topic: (complete as many as you can!)

Time Capsule – 20.4.2020





In the event of a child being absent from school for an extended period of time or in the event of a school closure these are some of the things we would like the children to complete.

  • Activities on Education City
  • Times Tables Rock Stars
  • nrich maths challenges
  • Read a range of different texts. Read to a brother or sister etc.
  • Do some real life Maths, shopping, bake a cake etc.
  • There are lots of activity packs on the Twinkl website to try.
  • Do some drawing, sketching, collage, model making etc.

Year 6 home learning pack

Year 6 Work from Home Challenges

What You Need To Write A Greek Myth BW



Easter Pick And Mix Maths


Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Reading Revision Mat Guidance

Watch the animated Easter Story and create a storyboard based upon it.

The link below might help with the Easter Quiz!

The_Easter_story_quiz Questions

The_Easter_story_quiz Answers (no peeking)

Easter Bonnet Mrs EC