Curriculum intent

At Grange Junior School we believe that Digital Learning is vital for children to be able to access the modern world safely. Children need to be equipped with a wide range of skills, to enable them to be successful using technology that may not even be invented yet.  It is essential that children are able to monitor their own digital wellbeing to ensure that they create positive digital habits that are right for them as individuals, therefore, must also be trained in how to keep themselves and others safe online.

“Digital technology is vital because we can use it to learn what is happening in the world, as soon as it happens.”

Implementation of the curriculum

Computing is taught weekly in a dedicated computer slot so that it is possible, where appropriate, for all children to have access to their own laptop or iPad to work on. Throughout the school year, the children have the opportunity to develop their skills in a range of computing areas, which have been spread out to allow for spaced study. This includes: Computer Science units (Scratch), Control and Robotic units (Crumble), Digital Literacy units (predominantly Microsoft office based), Green Screen or Stop Motion Animation units and Digital Citizenship units.  Additionally web research skills may be taught as part of other subjects.

The computing curriculum has been resourced to allow the children to learn through a range of screen and non-screen based experiences. For example, ‘unplugged’ lessons are used to teach children the knowledge of how a computer network works whilst control hardware (Crumble) has been bought to provide the children with the chance to programme and see what their algorithms produce in the real world.  Teachers delivering the curriculum will use medium term plans to inform their computing lesson preparation using a range of approaches and delivery methods.

Our curriculum recognises that, as well as gaining practical skills, children need to learn how to be responsible and principled digital users. Children are taught the vocabulary needed to discuss and explain their computational thinking, and technical language is consistently modelled by teaching staff.

Impact of our curriculum

  • Children are covering all different areas of the computing curriculum and developing their knowledge of each area.
  • As the children are going through the school their skills are developing and they are becoming digitally literate and able to select and use technology successfully.
  • Children know the value of technology in an ever changing world.