School Day

Arbor Park Bell Times - Arbor Park Intermediate School
The children can arrive from 8.30am when both the back gate to Moor Park and the front gate from our car park will be open.  After 8.30am, the children are welcome to come into school, do the early morning task set by the teacher, read quietly and organise themselves for the day.We expect children to be in class working by 8.45am. Children who arrive later than 8.45am will need to enter the school through reception.If children are regularly late, they will be issued with an unauthorised late mark, as agreed in our school attendance policy. If your child is sick, please ring the office before 8.45am so we know they are safe.

School Starts: 8:45am.  Please arrive after 8.30am but before 8.45am

Prompt arrival is essential so that your child does not miss essential learning.

Breaktime: 10.00am – 10.15am

Lunchtime: 12.00am -12.55pm

Daily Act of Collective Worship: 2.50pm

End of School: 3.15pm