French ( MFL)


Curriculum intent

At Grange Junior School we strive for all children to develop a positive attitude towards other languages and cultures. We aim to encourage and stimulate curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world and people around them. Though practical and engaging lessons, we promote and develop the skills of understanding and responding through, speakin, listening and writing. We aim, for children to have the foundation for learning further languages, equipping them to aspire for additional language study and contribute in our diverse society.

Through MFL at the Grange Community Junior School, we will ensure that by the end of year 6 all pupils are:

  • enthusiastic about language learning
  • able to use learnt phonics, vocabulary and grammar to produce (speaking & writing) and interpret (reading & listening) the French language.
  • understanding of, and respectful towards cultures and communities other than their own

High quality teaching of MFL at Grange Community Junior School:

  • Should inspire and engage all children so that they look forward to their French lessons
  • Should develop pupils language knowledge and skills so they can confidently participate in conversations in the chosen language

Curriculum implementation

At Grange we see our curriculum as continuous, regularly revisiting key concepts and providing practice to develop fluency. The topics covered in French have been sequenced so that they are revisited and built upon in every stage (year group) to enable the children to build on their previous learning.  In addition, the constant revisiting of vocabulary enables them to commit what they have learnt to their long-term memory. The scheme of work pinpoints which of the national curriculum objectives each lesson covers on the individual lesson plan. As there are only six objectives for the whole of KS2, different topics are used to keep addressing and building on the same key skills, with new vocabulary being introduced small amounts at a time and the same key vocabulary being repeated. Each lesson also has a focus on one or more of the core skills of speaking, reading, listening, reading and writing and the expectations increase as you move through the stages.

Curriculum impact

Supported by our broad and balanced curriculum, Grange children are developing their understanding and appreciation of a different language.

Children are starting to be equipped with the basic skills to communicate, though conversation, reading or writing of French. Learners are increasingly able to apply the skills they have been taught to a variety of different settings, showing independence with their learning.