Curriculum Intent

At Grange we recognise the role that PE has to play in promoting a long-term healthy lifestyle, which is both enjoyable and fulfilling. We aim to provide a rich and diverse physical education curriculum that inspires all of our pupils to succeed in sport and other physically-demanding activities. We want to provide opportunities for our pupils to become confident and physically-literate, in a way which supports their wellbeing, both now and in the future.

Through our curriculum, pupils learn that physical activity is ‘fun’ and crucial in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we aim to provide opportunities for children to compete in sport and other activities in order to build resilience and embed values such as teamwork, integrity and respect, in addition to an appreciation of honest competition and good sportsmanship. As part of their weekly timetable, the children have the opportunity to participate in two 60 minute PE lessons.

Through PE at Grange Junior School, we will ensure that all pupils will:

  • take part in PE sessions and push themselves to achieve their best
  • follow a structured and cohesive scheme
  • have an understanding of what areas/skills they’re achieving
  • peer assess and give constructive feedback to others.
  • utilise different skills progressively across each year group
  • explore their competitive and team building skills

Implementation of the curriculum

The primary resource for PE at Grange is the ‘Get Set 4 PE’ scheme which provides detailed lesson plans and knowledge maps for the topics. In our curriculum, there are two PE areas every half term, these tend to be divided into an indoor and an outdoor topic.

The PE curriculum is enriched through the implementation of dedicated days such as Sports Day or extracurricular sporting activities after school. Children in year 5 and 6, are trained as play leaders where they support playground games at lunchtime. These children meet once a month to discuss their role. Children are encouraged to join outside clubs if they show a particular interest in a sport and help will be given to them as to what clubs there are available in the local area. The Daily Mile is encouraged throughout the school, to encourage the extra exercise a day.

Impact of our curriculum

Our PE and sport aspires to build self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills, enabling each child to be the best they can be by:

  • Improving health and well-being;
  • Providing high quality opportunities and outcomes for all;
  • Encouraging community involvement;
  • Promoting active participation and competition;
  • Raising achievement and supporting excellence.