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YR5 Residential 2024
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PGL Residential Trip 2023
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If you have any queries about the residential, please contact the school office .


Residential Trip Oct 2023/24 Photo List


Happy to be beside the seaside!                                                    Having a little picnic before a tour of the activity site.

A bit of play time and taking in our daily views!



All settled, well-fed and enjoyed our evening activity of Cluedo – Sailor Sam was the culprit!


Day 1

Group 1 (Problem Solving, Jacob’s Ladder, Buggy Building)



Group 2 (Buggy Building, Rifle Shooting, Problem Solving)



Group 3 (Jacob’s Ladder, Rifle Shooting, Low Ropes)

Group 4 (Rifle shooting, Jacob’s Ladder, Problem Solving)

Night Time Activity- Hide and Seek

Day 2

Lots of different activities today, lots of happy and proud faces and lots of … rain! 

Group 1 (Jacob’s Ladder, Low Ropes, Rifle Shooting, Zip Wire)

Group 2 (Low Ropes, Survivor)

Group 3 (Fencing, Trapeze, Buggy Building)

Group 4 (Fencing, Jacob’s Ladder, Zip Wire – with Group 1)



Evening Activity – PGL Tournament

Day 3

We will add photos at a later date due to a busy day (abseiling, climbing, giant swing) and fun-filled evening (packing, birthday cake eating and dancing at the Osmington Disco).

We will update the Office with our day events.

Singing Happy Birthday to Dylan.

Birthday boy with a couple mates.

The Birthday Boy!